Vex Blocks

Work done for the prototype version of Vex Blocks, a Match-3 type mobile game.

I created the initial UI design, mocking up several menus as well as the ‘play’ screen. The desired look was described as ‘inspired by Tron‘. A lot of blue, glowing lines, and stark shapes & text defined the basic look. To represent the powerups the player can acquire and use, I illustrated several icons. These were kept simple with distinct shapes and only two colors. I also designed the four unique symbols for the blocks. Each is quite distinct to avoid falling into the trap of ‘match gems, fruit, or simple shapes’. Each of the symbols was then colored with a glow outline and mapped to a 3D cube model I made for use in-game.

As part of the promotional campaign I designed two wallpapers for download. These featured the title of the game as well as a high-resolution 3D render of the playing field & pieces.